Basement Remodeling Issues to Bear In Mind

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Basements provide a suitable option for expanding the living space in your home, which is why you may want to put some money aside for a basement remodel. However, there are many obstacles to be surmounted in making the basement habitable.

The following post by Lee Wallender gives some of the most basic considerations you need to make before you decide to renovate your basement:

Basement Remodeling Basics

…The word of caution here is that basements were never intended to be fully functional living spaces (unless you live in a newer house that already took this into consideration). So, you will have many obstacles to surmount in turning this accessory space into one that is habitable by humans.

Let’s look at some of the basics you must consider before turning your basement into a livable space. See full post here…

Due to the potential problems you may encounter if you decide to transform your basement into livable space, the most important thing you will need to do at the very start is to determine whether your basement can actually be finished.

The following post by Home Style Choices provides a detailed explanation of the prerequisites that must be considered for a finished basement:

…The Prerequisites For Any Finished Basement

One of the best notions within any list of basement ideas doesn’t have anything to do with decor or style. Rather, it’s the concept that you should do a thorough assessment of your basement to determine if it’s even suitable for finishing.

That’s right — it’s not the most glamorous idea but it’s probably the most valuable.

If done correctly this exercise will bring you the right result — whether that means a great finished basement or the security of having saved yourself a lot of heartache and frustration down the road (because finishing the space ultimately wouldn’t have been a good idea). Read full article here…

Most of the problems you will encounter during basement remodeling have solutions, so while it may take more money and effort on your part to make the renovation a success, you can still go ahead with your project successfully.

The following post by Jon Labelle highlights some of the most ignored things when finishing basements, and offers practical advice on how to deal with them effectively:

Top 5 Ignored Things While Finishing a Basement

…1. Condensation problems.

It’s important to determine whether you have a condensation issue or a larger waterproofing problem. Securely taping 2-foot x 2-foot plastic sheets in several places along the walls and floor will provide a good test. If after 48 hours water vapour has collected on the underside of the plastic, you’ll need to coat the concrete with a waterproof sealer or paint before covering the area. Running a dehumidifier will also help dry the air. More solutions here… 

Basement remodeling is no easy task, but going about it the right way should give you the results you are hoping for and make your investment worthwhile. If you’d like expert advice on how to get started, contact Gainesville Home Pros today.

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