Clever Storage Options for Your Basement Finishing

One of the commonest uses of a basement, whether finished or unfinished, is for storage purposes. However, finishing your basement allows you to make use the most use of this space. In fact, when you have your basement storage space organized, it will probably leave enough room to put the room to more use, such as turning it into an entertainment area.

There are various options on how you can turn your basement into an efficient storage space. The following gallery on the Better Homes and Gardens website offers several ideas on how to utilize your basement for storage:

Basement Storage Ideas

Storage space is often a necessity for basements. Find ideas here to determine what type of storage would work best for you.

Storage with the Stairs

Built-in shelving is a practical and visually appealing way to display personal items or hide other items inside cabinets. Here, the maple cabinetry fits in beautifully with the floors and railings. Slanting downwards with the stairs, the look is both unique and sleek. Obtain a similar look by finding what finish would look best with your home decor. See more storage ideas here…

The way you organize your basement is crucial in ensuring the room is utilized efficiently. Finding your stuff when you need them later on seems to be a major problem for many homeowners simply because they did not organize their storage space adequately.

Total Basement Finishing offer their advice on how to go about ensuring that your basement storage is organized from the onset:

Got stuff? Or, better yet, do you know where your stuff is?

Storage areas in basements are common, but finding what you’re looking for when you need it is exceptional…

Tips for Basement Storage:

  • First of all, if you really don’t need it, consider purging it.
  • Build or buy sturdy shelves.
  • Store by seasonality to make retrieval quicker.
  • Use clear storage bins so you can see what is stored, and create clear bin labels.
  • Store heavier items on lower shelves.
  • Lowest shelf should a few inches up from the floor, in case you ever have a plumbing leak. See full post here…

The design you choose for your basement finishing will also play a crucial role in ensuring the space is efficiently utilized for storage. The following gallery on Houzz shows a few designs that make for an organized space that is not unattractive:

Design ideas for a traditional look-out basement in Burlington with red walls, no fireplace and light hardwood floors. — Houzz
Around my laundry room! Shelving — Cathy
See more photos here…

Another great example of a finished basement used for storage can be seen in the following video. This architect created an efficiently organized storage space for his 250,000 Lego pieces in his basement:

Using your basement for storage does not mean it cannot be appealing. By working with the right team of experts, you can transform your unfinished basement into a useful and attractive space for your and your family. If you are thinking about finishing your basement, contact Gainesville Home Pros today.

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