What Should I Do With My Basement?

There’s a host of things you can do with the lower level of your house should you choose to finish your basement, so making a single choice is going to be a problem. in fact, most people end up with a bi- or multi-purpose basement.

Fortunately, the only thing limiting the number of things you can do with your basement is the amount of space – and of course your level of imagination.

If you often need to work in the house but do not have a place specifically set aside for this, putting some of your basement space to office use would be a nice option. You don’t even have to use up a large amount of space, as Mandy of House of Rose points out in the post below:

Built-In Office Nook {Basement Project}

It’s been awhile since my basement has been finished. A LONGGGGG while actually.

In true Mandy Rose fashion I am posting about it when I feel “inspired”. Ha! See full post here…

A playhouse for your kids is a smart idea that will allow them to get loud and messy without destroying the rest of the house or your peace of mind.

Again, you can either use the entire space, or combine the space with other uses.

Below you can see a basement playhouse idea from Houzz that may inspire you. A playhouse will work whether you want to turn the entire basement into a play area or just a portion of it:

Kids Treehouse Playhouse

A shingled awning is a playful touch that is sure to spark endless ideas for imaginative play – pretending to be a shopkeeper, just for starters. See more playhouse ideas here…

For many homeowners, the basement provides the ideal entertainment room since it can be customized to exactly what you want and need. The following post by Lensis Builders gives you a number of ideas to inspire you:

Basement Remodel as Entertainment Space: A Few Options

Media Room – John Willis Homes http://www.houzz.com/photos/1008420/John-Willis-Custom-Homes-traditional-family-room-atlanta

When completing a basement remodeling project, you have many options when it comes to how to utilize your space. Depending on your personal needs and wants, you may opt to use your basement as a bedroom suite, additional living space, media room, or entertainment space. In this post, we’ll outline some options you have when turning your basement into a media or entertainment room. See full post here…

You could also choose to turn your basement into your very own local bar so you can still have fun when you can’t go out on Friday night. The following post on Bobvila gives a great example of this:

Interior Inspiration: Incredible Makeover of Basement Turned Home Pub

…Here is a description of the renovation project from the architects, “Seldom have we been asked to collaborate with a client who has had such a fully realized vision of the final outcome as this basement pub. See full post here…

There are many other things you could do with your basement, but you need to make sure it’s practical. For expert advice on basement finishing, contact Gainesville Home Pros today.

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