Amazing Themes for Your Bathroom Remodel

There’s nothing like a great bathroom theme to make your remodeled bathroom stand out. There are so many bathroom themes you can choose from, your biggest problem will probably be settling on one and leaving out the many more you like.

Creating a bathroom theme is all about the accessories, color, lighting and decor you choose, and carefully selecting them will contribute to the overall atmosphere of your bathroom.

The following post by Jessa Kristia shows 20 creative bathroom examples that include animal print features you’ll just love:

Animal Prints in 20 Stunning Bathrooms

Yes, you can add animal prints even to your bathroom! Get some awesome idea here…


Below is a list of wonderful bathrooms that you might find interesting! They are mostly contemporary spaces with hints and obvious like for animal prints! You’ll see leopard prints, you’ll see zebra and you’ll even see crocodile! Check them out guys! These are nice inspirational photos you can check out if you are actually considering adding cowhide or fur or something of that sort in your very own baths!


1. Continuum

Image Credit:

That is one awesome bath tub! I want one! More examples here…

The vanity is a good area to focus when you think about your bathroom theme. Even white bathroom vanity can be matched or contrasted with the rest of the bathroom features to create a unique theme. Kareen Liez shows us some examples in the following post:

22 Neat Contemporary White Bathroom Vanity


…We have gathered some photos of bathrooms with white vanity. The ones we have today are in contemporary bathrooms. Most of the vanity has sleek designs and beautiful. Some would even have a countertop with a different color which can be a good contrast for the white bathroom vanity. Let us take a look at them below.


1. 1331 Constitution

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A floating white bathroom vanity with cabinets and drawers. I like how the handles were positioned. See more examples here…

Keep in mind that depending on the theme you choose, decorating your bathroom can be quite expensive, so you need to be sure about what you want so you don’t spend a fortune making changes later.

The following advice from In Minutes highlights the most important considerations to make:

How to Apply A Brilliant Bathroom Theme


Choosing a bathroom theme can be a little tricky because bathrooms are expensive to decorate and once you decorate them, you either have to stick with the decoration you chose or spend a fortune on redecoration. In order to safely apply a brilliant bathroom theme, and save time and money follow the instructions below:See full post here…

A great bathroom theme will make your bathroom remodeling a worthwhile investment. If you would like to talk to a bathroom remodeling expert, contact Gainesville Home Pros today.

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