Does Your Kitchen Design Suit You?

There are numerous kitchen design ideas out there, but you want to choose one that you, your family and your visitors will love for years to come. A big part of planning for your kitchen remodeling will be selecting the design that you want.

Your kitchen design says a lot about you, and choosing one that matches your personality and lifestyle will ensure your investment pays off. ‘A kitchen that matches your personality’ may sound a little too abstract, but this article on the Snaidero USA blog takes an interesting perspective in explaining this:


What does your kitchen design say about you?

Design is about making choices and the choices we make reveal who we are. In this sense, design is a form of storytelling.

So, what does your kitchen say about you? We tried our hand at guessing the personality behind different kitchen designs.

1. You’ve got a wood kitchen with granite or marble countertops, rough stone or tile backsplashes and a transitional cabinet style

You seek comfort and warmth and like things that make a solid but quiet statement.

Kitchen with wood cabinets and stone backsplashSee more ‘kitchen personalities’ here…

The size of your kitchen should not limit your design choice. You can have a lot of creativity and style go into your small kitchen space. Jamie Webie shows some really creative small kitchen designs in the following gallery post:

12 Inspiring Small Kitchens

Little kitchens can have serious style. These unique designer rooms have the fabulous features you need to spice up your smaller spaces:

Designed by Gert Wingardh, this Swedish kitchen’s custom countertops and shelving are birch, the oven and cooktop are by Gaggenau, and the antique stove in the foreground is original to the house. See more small kitchen design ideas here…

Although choosing your kitchen design may sound exciting, you need to understand that the amount you spend on your kitchen renovation may be impacted by the type of design you choose. This will also depend on how many changes will need to be made to your current kitchen to give you the design you want.

The following article from Bay Cities Construction should give you some idea of how much change you may or may not be able to afford on your budget:

What Kind of Kitchen Remodel Can I Get for My Money?

Whether you’re deciding to have your entire home remodeled or just your kitchen remodeled, it is important that you budget for it appropriately and understand what you can get for your money…

For the many people out there who know that they want a kitchen remodel but have no clue where to start, please start by establishing a budget for your project. Here are a few different kitchen remodels that meet different price points. See full article here…

Ultimately, your kitchen design choice should be one that is both desirable and reasonable depending on your preferences and your current situation. It is always advisable to take some time to plan for your kitchen remodeling project. If you would like to talk to an expert, contact Gainesville Home Pros today.

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