How to Create a Clutter-Free Minimalist Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the home, but because of its frequent use, it can quickly become cluttered. This reduces efficiency and could make any time spent there altogether unpleasant, even after spending a good amount of money remodeling your kitchen.

What most of us don’t seem to take note of is the fact that there are a lot of things in our kitchens that we could easily do without, and it is these seemingly important items that create the clutter.

A great example of a clutter-free kitchen can be seen in the following post by Kristin Appenbrink:

5 Lessons We Can Learn from This Minimalist Kitchen

Modern Minimalist KitchenWhen we came across this kitchen, we were immediately drawn in by the elegant simplicity of it. The cool blue of the cabinets combined with the natural wood and copper create a welcoming look that is still very serene. And we’re going to guess this room would pass the KonMari test with flying colors; the minimal aesthetic means everything is deliberate and has a designated space. See more details here…

As you can see, aiming for a minimalist kitchen is the way to go. Simply put, a minimalist kitchen is one where function is given the ultimate attention. Rather than having everything you want in your kitchen, you aim to limit the items taking up space to those you actually need.

This helpful post by Jules gives a couple of ideas of some things you might assume are important but if you really think about are not quite so essential:

things to avoid in a minimalist kitchen

1. icecream machine
It’s no secret that I LOVE my icecream machine. But since it’s on its last legs and it’s pretty un-minimalist to own one, I’ve been looking around for good frozen desserts that deliver on the heavenly creamy texture of icecream but don’t need special equipment. Still not ready to part ways but one step closer with my machine-free honey ice cream recipe below. See full list here…

This video by The Minimalist Sparrow also offers some pretty good ideas of some of the things your kitchen could do without to create a simple kitchen:

You’ll also notice that minimalist kitchens are actually quite trendy. More and more homeowners are choosing them simply for their appeal and aesthetic quality. The following post on the Apartment Therapy website reveals several examples of modern minimalist kitchen styles.

Less is More: 13 Super Modern Kitchens

If your perfect kitchen is more modern and minimal than country cozy, we’ve got a treat for you. You won’t see a lot of decorative flourishes in these 13 kitchens, but they still manage to be effortlessly, elegantly beautiful, proving once again that less is more. See full post here…

It should be pretty clear by now that having a minimalist kitchen has a lot of benefits. In fact, it’s difficult to come up with any disadvantages to it, except maybe saying no to clutter. If you’d like expert advice for a kitchen remodel, contact Gainesville Home Pros today.